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Green activists in press conference

The statement of government over UNESCO-Rampal incorrect

7 July 2017, 6:44:26

The organizers of the National Committee for Saving the Sunderbans and Bangladesh Paribesh Andolan on Friday said that foreign ministry’s Thursday’s statement claiming the UNESCO’s withdrawal of objections over the Rampal power plant was incorrect.

Addressing a seminar at Centre for Advance Research on Science’ conference room in Dhaka University, BAPA general secretary Mohammad Abdul Matin said that the government was rather attempting to keep secret its responsibilities conferred upon it by the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO.  

The committee member and Dhaka University teacher MM Akash said the WHC members in the 41st session put emphasis on completing a Strategic Environmental Assessment and revising the Environmental Impact Assessment before continuing any large-scale development activities, including the Rampal power plant near the Sunderbans, world’s largest mangrove forest.

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