This is an exemplary judgment, we are relieved: AG Mabubey Alam

22 August 2017, 7:38:00

Attorney General Mahbubey Alam said, this is an exemplary judgment and now we are relieved.

"This is an exemplary judgment. We are relieved," Attorney General Mabubey Alam said.


The AG’s reaction came just after the HC upheld death for 15 convicts while pronouncing the death penalty of 11 others over seven-murder cases.


However, the court clinched the jail sentence of the other accused.


Former Awami League man Nur Hossain, the then commanding officer of Rab-11 in Narayanganj Lt Col Tareque Sayeed Mohammad, the then company commanders of Rab-11 Maj Arif Hossain and Lt Commander Masud Rana are among the convicts who were awarded the capital punishment.



About the death sentence of Rab officials, the attorney general again said Rapid Action Battalion is elite and disciplined forces and the entire law enforcement agency should not be impeached for criminal offences of some of its dishonest members.

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