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Doctors at press conference

Tofa, Tahura doing well but not out of risk

2 August 2017, 6:53:00

The conjoined twins-Tofa and Tahura, the 10-month-old babies from Gaibandha who were joined at the waist, are doing well after they were divided through a pioneering surgery conducted by the doctors of Dhaka Medical College Hospital yesterday.


Professor Dr. Ashraf Ul Haque, chief of child surgery department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital said in this regard that 'Their health condition is now normal and can eat but they are not out of risk till now.'



The professor said that they can say whether the conjoined twins are out of danger a fter 48 hours of the operation.




The twin sisters will be kept at the post-operative room for 10 days for close observations, he added.




Tofa and Tahura, the conjoined twins from Gaibandha, have been separated through a surgery at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital in the capital on Tuesday.




Led by assistant professor Dr Shahnur Islam of Pediatric Surgery Department, 16-member team of specialist doctors, have led the surgery.




Tofa and Tohura who were born on September 29, 2016 in Gaibandha’s Sundarganj Upazila had been conjoined along their spinal columns.

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