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Tubelight box office collection

Tubelight becomes one of the biggest flop film of Salman

7 July 2017, 8:24:00

The film's collections make us puzzled whether it'll be able to go on its run at the cinema halls in the coming days. As a matter of fact, most of the screens have now gone on to release new film this week's new releases, and Tubelight has seen a major drop in the number of shows running.

Salman Khan’s latest released film Tubelight became one of the biggest flop film this year, and its collections makes us wonder whether it’ll be able to continue its run at the cinema halls in the coming days. The last figures we have of the film is through a report by Boxofficeindia.com, which wrote that this Eid release of Salman Khan has raked in as much as Rs 114.50 crore, in fourteen days of its release. And we know that over the period, Tubelight’s box office collections have fallen drastically. In the recent past, even Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan was rejected but not at a rapid pace like this.

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