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Two militants killed in Sylhet Militant den

26 March 2017, 7:35:46

Sylhet Correspondent:Two militants were killed in the running operation of army commandos along with other security forces in a five-storey building in Sylhet, a suspected den of extremists on Sunday.

Commando team speaker Brigadier General Fakhrul Ahsan at briefing at 5:30pm said that two militants were killed but some others were still staying in the building.

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‘They have assembled huge explosives in a bunker on the first floor of the building and booby-trapped the entrances of each apartments. So the commandos have yet to manage to enter into,’ he said.

The operation would take more time, as the extremists seemed to be well-equipped and well-trained, he added.

‘Our main target was to recover the residents of the building who were trapped inside it, and we managed to rescue them,’ he said.

Earlier at least six people, including two police officers, were killed in bomb explosions on Saturday about 500 metres from the five-storey building where army commandos were conducting the ‘Operation Twilight.’

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