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Hill-tracts landslides death toll

Two more bodies recovered in Rangamati

16 June 2017, 3:26:00

Two more bodies of hill-tracts landslide were recovered on Friday morning from different parts of Rangamati.

Fire service sources said, fire fighters carried out operation for the fourth consecutive day and recovered the bodies of Ibrahim, 28, and Mujibur, 12, from Kaptai Lake and near Rangamati Circuit House respectively.

Recovery of two more bodies on Friday in Rangamati enhanced the combined death toll in three hill districts as well as Chittagong and Cox’s Bazaar to 156.

Sufferings of the people in the worst landslide affected Rangamati district have multiplied due to enough food, fuel, power and drinking water crises.

Power connections remained disconnected since Tuesday.

In the meanwhile, supply of electricity was restored in Rangamati town around 9:00pm on Thursday, our correspondent reports.

Road communications between Rangamati and the rest of the country, snapped by the landslides since Tuesday morning, could not be restored in last three days.

Snapped road communications disrupted supply of essentials to Rangamati for which prices sky rocketed in the area.

It could take three days to restore road communications for lighter vehicles on Rangamati-Chittagong Road while it would take 10 to 12 days to fully restore road communications between Rangamati and the rest of the country, Rangamati Roads and Highways Department executive engineer Emdad Hossain said on Thursday.

People became bitter as the landslides not only snatched their near and dear ones but also made them homeless and virtually paupers. They are passing days in the shelter centres in great anxiety about their future. Drinking water crisis made life unbearable for them.

The search and rescue operations by the fire service, the army, the district administrations, the Red Crescent Society with support from locals were continuing, said executive magistrate Khondoker Md Ikhtiar Arafat, in-charge of Rangamati district control room.

Death toll in rain-triggered landslides in three hill districts as well as Chittagong and Cox’s Bazaar rose to 151 on Wednesday.

Until Tuesday, the death toll in Rangamati stood at 98, followed by 30 in Chittagong and six in Bandarban.

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