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UN adopts consensus Rohingya resolution

17 November 2022, 3:16:30

The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly has adopted the annual resolution on the situation of human rights of Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar by consensus.

The resolution, jointly tabled by the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the European Union (EU) on Wednesday, was cosponsored by 109 countries, the highest number of countries since 2017, according to a message received here today.

The primary focus of the resolution was the human rights situation of the Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar, including in the context of current political developments.

It called upon Myanmar to address the root causes of the Rohingya crisis and create conducive environment in Rakhine to facilitate voluntary, safe and dignified return of the Rohingyas to their homeland in Myanmar.

“Pending their return, the Rohingyas living in the camps deserve the solidarity of the international community. The humanitarian response plan needs to be adequately funded.” said Bangladesh’s Charge de Affairs Md Monwar Hossain during adoption of the resolution.

In his statement, he also expressed appreciation to OIC and EU for their leadership on this important human rights issue referring to the untenability of the protracted presence of Rohingyas in Bangladesh.

“While we provided shelter to the fleeing Rohingyas out of humanitarian consideration, they were always meant to return to Myanmar,” Hossain said.

To that end, Bangladesh has have taken multi-pronged diplomatic efforts – both at the bilateral and multilateral fronts with a view to improving the conditions in Myanmar and facilitating their safe, voluntary and sustainable return, he said.

The resolution called upon Myanmar to cooperate fully with the special envoy of the secretary general on Myanmar and all the human rights mechanisms of the UN.

The resolution recognized the important role of the regional countries and the regional organizations, such as ASEAN in addressing the political and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, and in this regard called for swift implementation of ASEAN’s 5-point consensus.

It noted the ongoing justice and accountability processes and welcomed the developments in the case against Myanmar in the International Court of Justice and the investigation by the Prosecution of the International Criminal Court.

The resolution expressed solidarity with Bangladesh and recognized Bangladesh’s humanitarian efforts, and its continued cooperation with the ICC, IIMM and other accountability mechanisms towards ensuring justice and accountability for the human rights violations against the Rohingya in Myanmar.

The member states have also been urged to continue its humanitarian support to the Rohingya living in Bangladesh in the spirit of responsibility and burden sharing.

This resolution in the UN is a unique example of cross regional solidarity for the Rohingya Muslims and their cause as it is a matter of great regret that the situation in Myanmar continues to deteriorate leading to delay in the repatriation of the Rohingyas to their homeland.

This resolution gives the UN member States the much needed impetus to reinforce their collective efforts to achieve durable solutions for the Rohingyas.

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