UN expects fair polls in Bangladesh

17 February, 2018 5:41:00

The United Nations has expressed the hope that a favourable climate will be created in Bangladesh to hold a free and fair election. 

“…like in any country, this is our principal position that a climate could be created where free and fair elections could take place,” Spokesman for the Secretary-General Stephane Dujarric told reporters in a regular briefing at the UN headquarters on Friday.

He said they are following the situation in Bangladesh very closely.  “We've expressed our concern.”

On Wednesday, a European Parliamentary delegation hoped that the political environment in Bangladesh will become ‘less confrontational and hostile’ in the coming months with an inclusive election in place. Reported: unb.

The delegation urged Bangladesh authorities to facilitate the necessary conditions for an inclusive, free and fair general election.

“We hope all the parties will actually be willing to stand for election to make sure that people of Bangladesh have a real choice at the ballot-box,” Lambert, the Chair of the European Parliament Delegation to South Asia, told a press conference at the EU office here before wrapping up their Bangladesh visit. 

Lambert said this is something of real importance for the people of Bangladesh who deserve that choice. 

She said it is important for BNP to “concentrate” on the upcoming elections as a political party. 

“We know there have been challenges so far in terms of organising in terms of actually being able to conduct the campaign…so this is something we raised with the Election Commission."

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