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`Vested quarter making distance between govt and judiciary’

15 April 2017, 3:03:03

Chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha on Saturday claimed that a vested quarter is out there making a distance between the government and the judiciary.

‘A vested quarter is there engaged in an evil design to create a distance between the government and the judiciary, and this is how they’re creating misconceptions among people with wrong information,’ he said.

The chief justice commented on this while addressing a function inaugurated by prime minister Sheikh Hasina.

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Sinha said the government has taken some very important decisions regarding the judiciary a couple of days back, but the chief justice, as the guardian of the judiciary, was not kept in the loop.

‘Giving totally wrong information and hiding the facts, these decisions have been realized from the head of the government,’ the chief justice said adding, ‘There wouldn’t have been any misunderstanding had there been discussions with the chief justice prior to making the decisions on such important matters.’

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