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Walton launches RAM, memory cards

20 June 2019, 5:35:44

Walton has lunched a number of new accessories in the local market that include RAM and Micro SD cards. The high quality accessories with attractive designs are now available at all Walton Plaza and distributors’ showrooms across the country beside Agargaon’s IDB in the capital at affordable prices.

Walton Computer Products’ CEO Engineer Liakat Ali said that initially 3 models of DDR4 RAM were released in the market. Each RAM is of 4 gigabytes. Of these, 2 models of RAM are available for desktop computers pricing Tk2,300 and Tk2,400. Their data transfer bandwidth is 19,200 and 21,300 megabytes per/sec respectively. Another model of RAM is designed for laptops and notebooks with 19,200 data transfer bandwidth per/ sec. It costs Tk 2,200 only. 2-year warranty will be given to all models of Walton RAM.

The new Walton accessories include 4 models of memory cards. The capacity of these cards with high speed data transfer capability ranges from 16 to 128 gigabytes. These 10/U1 speed class cards can be used on any device with TF card slot. Waterproof and sustainable Walton micro SD cards function in zero to 70 degree Celsius temperature.
Walton’s 16 GB memory card will cost only Tk 350 while 32 GB can be bought at Tk 495, 64 GB at Tk 995 and 128 GB at Tk1,690.

Besides, WiFi router is going to be added to Walton’s technology accessories very soon.

According to Walton Computer Department sources, there are currently 23 models of laptops, 13 models of desktops and 4 models of monitors available in market. Besides, Walton’s computer accessories have various models of gaming and standard keyboards and mouse, pen drives and earphones.

Meanwhile, under Walton Digital Campaign Season-4, customers, who will buy any Walton brand laptop from any Walton plaza, distributor outlet or E-plaza, are likely to get gold edition symbolic cricket bat-ball with the autograph of Bangladesh National Cricket Team ODI captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, also the brand ambassador of Walton. The offer will continue until July 14.

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