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Walton releases mobile phone operated Smart TV

13 November 2017, 1:23:00

The country's leading electronics brand Walton released some new models of internet based smart televisions in the market at reasonable prices.  Users can control the operation of the local brand’s smart televisions by their smart phones of any brands.

According to Walton authorities, the local brand is now manufacturing and marketing 32-inch smart television at only Tk 25,990. Two new models of 43-inch and 39-inch smart television have been added to the existing models.

In addition, the local brand also releases a new model of 20-inch LED television, featured with 4-pieces blue-tooth speakers. The main feature of the new model’s television is of built-in blue-tooth in the speakers, which will allow the users playing audio songs, which are stored in their mobile phone sets, in the television and give them experience of the loud sound. The users can also control play, stop, pause, previous and next options in the television. For having the feature of loud dolby sound system, the users named this latest model television ‘Walton Boom Box’. 

Walton has fixed the prices of this latest version LED television at Tk 12950.

It was learnt that Walton Smart TV has a built-in E-share app that will allow users to share TV display with mobile phone and vice-versa. The users can manage the device operation by Smartphone through opening the remote option of the E-share app installed on handsets. 

Four different formats like Key-remote, Touch remote, Mouse and Air mouse can be used by the users’ handset to operate image, audio, video and movies, stored on mobile phone, in Walton Smart TV from any corner of the home.

Walton is now marketing total of 14 models of Smart televisions of 55-inch, 49-inch, 43-inch, 39-inch and 32-inch. Among these, 55-inch smart television with 4k resolution has two models at TK 1.15 lakh and at Tk 1.05 lakh respectively. 

And, there is also another model of 55-inch smart televisions at Tk 85,900. Walton is offering 49-inch smart TV at Tk 69,900, two models of 43-inch smart TV at Tk 46,900 and Tk 48,900 respectively. The local brand is offering seven models of 32-inch smart televisions at Tk 25,990 each.

Abdul Bari, television marketing head of Walton, said they released various models of smart television from the beginning of the current year. 

The production of smart televisions at Walton Hi-tech Industries at Chandra in Gazipur is resulted in offering the customers world-class smart televisions at affordable rates, which also helped the local company gaining huge customers’ response.

He also said sales of Walton smart televisions were swelled up by about 270 percent in the January to October period of 2017 compared to the sales of the same period of the previous year.

Dwelling on  the uniqueness of Walton smart televisions, First Sr. Asst. Director of Walton television R&D (Research and Development department) Engineer Sajedur Rahman said, high-speedy quad-core processor has been used in the motherboard of this smart television. Its built-in Wi-Fi will allow users to browse internet and download on television.

He also said that built-in e-share technology has been added to the motherboard of Walton Smart TV by which users can share the display of the handsets with TV screen. 

However, the users should have to install e-share apps on their handsets, which will allow users to enjoy various contents like image, audio, video stored on mobile. Moreover, they can play games stored on TV using the handset.

Sajedur Rahman also said that customers would not need any remote as Walton smart TV can be operated through all smartphones run by android and iOS operating system.

Meanwhile, Engineer Md. Saiful Islam Rifat, Mechanical Designer of Walton smart television, said the design of the Walton e-share TV has been made using slim backlight technology considering the demand of the customers with the imported picture quality for which it is only 0.4 inches thick.

Mustafa Nahid Hossain, head of Walton TV's Sourcing Engineering Department, said, Walton has installed world's latest technology and machineries at its own factory in Gazipur with huge investment to instigate a revolutionary change in the technology sector of Bangladesh. 

The local brand has also set up country's largest television R&D departed where a bunch of highly educated, talented and skilled engineers are working to present customers advanced and world-class products ensuring the international standard.

For which, Walton television has been recognized and achieved certification by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Testing Certificate from Standard Organization of Nigeria Product Conformity Assessment Program (SONCAP). Walton has already announced one-year TV replacement guarantee with the assurance of high quality.

He also mentioned that high quality panels are being used in Walton Internet-based Android Smart TV.

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