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PM in the function of the PGR

We are further modernizing and strengthening the armed forces

5 July 2017, 8:04:00

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday reiterated her government’s determination to create modern and strong armed forces keeping pace with the world to safeguard country’s hard-earned independence and sovereignty.

‘We want to move keeping pace with the world, we don’t want our armed forces to lag behind in any field. Keeping this in mind we’re further modernizing and strengthening the armed forces,’ she said this in the 42nd founding anniversary function of the PGR at its headquarters at Dhaka Cantonment on Wednesday afternoon.

The prime minister also called for continuation of the success in curbing terrorism and militancy and reaffirmed that there won’t be any room for the twin monsters.

PGR commander Brigadier General Md Jahangir Harun delivered the welcome address at the function, while PM’s security advisor Tariq Ahmed Siddiq and chief of army staff General Abu Belal Muhammad Shafiul Huq were present on the dais.

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