PM at Ganabhaban

We have given extreme importance to the improvement of the standard of education

23 July, 2017 3:52:00

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday said now the government's navel is on ensuring standard education and making it multifaceted one for building qualified future leaders so that the country can cope with the pace of global development.

‘We've given extreme importance to the improvement of the standard of education standard alongside making it multifaceted one so that we may have qualified future leaders,’ she said.

The prime minister said this after receiving the results of Higher Secondary Certificate and equivalent examinations from education minister Nurul Islam Nahid at Ganabhaban in Dhaka.

Congratulating the successful students, Sheikh Hasina suggested them to be more attentive to their regular academic studies to improve themselves as the country's worthy citizens since they would have to conduct the nation in the future.

The prime minister said today's talented students would one day be scientists and most famous officers of the administration, and hold other key positions in the coming days.

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