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Prime Minister at Ganobhaban

We will have to eliminate corruption at any cost

25 July 2017, 5:36:00

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday said, we will have to remove corruption at any cost. We will have to create public awareness and take a strong stance against the menace.



Prime minister has urged the deputy commissioners (DCs) to be innovative and prompt in implementing development policies and programmes.




She also asked the public servants to take a strong stance against corruption to root out this menace from the country at any cost to deliver the benefits of the country's development to all.





The Prime Minister said this while inaugurating a three-day Deputy Commissioners' Conference at her office.




About militancy and drug addiction, she asked the DC's to help save the country from these menaces.


"You must create public awareness. If you can involve people in your efforts, it'll be easier for you to stamp out militancy and drug abuse," she told the DCs.

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