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You need to eat more chocolate for best mood

18 January 2017, 4:53:39

Health Desk: Christmas is all but a distant memory and pay day feels like an eternity away. So it's not amazing that so many of us feel so miserable at this time of year.

Today has been dubbed Blue Monday, as it's said to be the most depressing day of the year so far.

But the good news is, in this case, you really can comfort eat your way to a better mood.

Here, Rob Hobson, Head of Nutrition at the supplement company Healthspan, reveals the best strategy to boost your mood on Blue Monday…

It's an age old-saying, but when it comes to diet, it really is a case of you are what you eat.

While many of our eating choices are influenced by how we feel, research shows food really can change brain chemistry and physiology – and, in turn, mood and performance.

If you eat a diet of mainly junk or processed food, don't be surprised if you feel low – or even worse.

And while food won't cure depression, a healthy diet will ease your symptoms – so it's vital to keep eating, even if your appetite has gone.

Making changes to your diet could dramatically reduce mood swings, food cravings, irritability and tiredness – and boost your memory and concentration.

Low intakes of minerals such as iron, selenium, magnesium and vitamins such B12 and folate may also lead to tiredness and fatigue or bouts of insomnia which will all exacerbate the feeling of low mood and depression.

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