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Young girl allegedly raped in Habiganj  

22 January 2017, 1:30:03

Habiganj Correspondent: A 16-year-old girl was allegedly gang raped by her boyfriend and his associates at Kagapasa union of Baniyachong upazila in Habiganj on 13 January.

Father of the victim said that one year ago the girl developed a relationship with 25-year-old local young man Samayun Mia. Promising marriage, Samayun engaged in physical relationship with the girl. At one point, the girl urged Samayun to marry her, but he kept falling behind.

On 13 January, Samayun strategically took her out from home. Then he raped her along with his friends and left her unconscious by the side of the River Kushiara.

Early on 21 January, local people discovered the girl lying on the bank of the river and called her parents.

Later, the victim’s father and local people rescued her and admitted her to Habiganj Sadar Hospital.

After the incident Samaun went underground and he was not found in his home.

Habiganj Sadar Hospital’s physician Dr. Mithun Roy said that the girl’s medical examination is complete. The report will verify if the girl was raped or not.

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