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27,000 tonnes of rice from Vietnam reaches Chitttagong

17 July 2017, 7:21:00

The second shipment of 27,000 tonnes of rice from Vietnam arrived in Chittagong Port on Monday morning.

MV Pax (name of ship) arrived at outer anchorage of the Chittagong Port around 8:00am, said port authorities.

Rice-lightering will commence as soon as tax formalities are fulfilled, according to Movement, Storage and Silo Division of Food Department.

M Jahirul Islam, controller of Movement and Storage Division of Food Ministry, said the ship would be anchored at jetty immediately after sample collection and completion of customs formalities.

On July 13, a shipment of 20,000 tonnes of rice, the first consignment from Vietnam, reached Chittagong port. The lightering of the rice has already begun.

Four more rice-laden ships will start for Bangladesh from Vietnam, said local shipping agent – UNI Ship – managing director M Abul Hossain.

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