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3 peacekeepers killed in Central African Republic  

6 January 2017, 11:02:35

Dhaka: The UN said on Thursday that one of its peacekeepers, or Blue Helmets, was killed during an ambush in the northwestern part of the country, just a day after two other peacekeepers were reported killed in thesouth-east.

The soldier, who was from Bangladesh, was on patrol about 25 kilometres south-west of the city of Bocaranga when he was killed by an unknown attacker or attackers.

Bangladeshi soldier Abdur-Rahim took bullets during a clash with the terrorists, said in a brief statement by the Inter-Service Public Relation Directorate (ISPR) on Thursday. The ISPR did not give further details. Rahim was from Satkhira district.

Only a day earlier, the UN had reported that at least two other peacekeepers had been killed in the remote southeastern part of the country. The Moroccan soldiers were accompanying a convoy of fuel trucks from Zemio when gunmen opened fire. Two other soldiers were wounded in the assault.

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