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3 snatchers held in city

21 January 2017, 5:18:21

Staff Correspondent: Three snatchers of a snatching group were arrested on Friday night from Tejgaon area in the capital.

Police of Tejgoan Police Station on Friday night arrested them from Farmgate area around: 730 pm.

Sub-Inspector of Tejgaon Thana arrested them on red handed while they were ready to snatch something.

The arrestees are identified as Rana(22) ,Rakib (18) and Shohagh(19).

A knife and a sharp instrument were recovered from them.

Azhar Islam, officer in charge of Tejgaon Thana said, they are active members of united snatching committee. They do snatching in the city by communicating with their associates closely. Moreover, they are locally known as cellphone snatchers.

A case has been filed in Tejgaon Thana.

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