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A little piece of Texas in the heart of Dhaka

25 November 2017, 4:49:00

Le Meridien Dhaka to arrange ‘Texas Night’ at the Skyline Infinity Poolside starting from November 30, 2017 to December 15, 2017. 

The two week-long event will showcase Texan cuisine to the urban food connoisseurs of the city, starting every evening from 18:30 PM to 23:30 PM.

The two week ‘Texas Night’ will be curated by Chef Naser with a wide array of delicious Texan foods and live music performance at the backdrop by a Filipino band is sure to make the evening a mesmerizing affair for all the guests.

Beef Ribs, Rib Eye, Tacos, LM Burgers will be the signature dishes for this delectable two weeks promotion. Additionally, there will be BBQ beef ribs with rustic cut paprika potato, Shrimps Skewers with orange salsa, Glazed Beef brisket, Fried chicken steak with cheese sauce and many more delighted items as the main course, making it the most stimulating place to go this season.

During the last two years, Le Meridien Dhaka has been offering extensive variety of international cuisines for the urban food connoisseurs of the city in every few days.

The buffet at Texas Night will cost BDT 3,900 ++ per person.

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