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Akheri Munajat of Biswa Ijtema held today

15 January 2017, 7:28:24

Staff Correspondent:Spiritual well-being and betterment, peace and progress of the Muslim community of all over the world sought at the Akheri Munajat of first phase of the 52nd Biswa Ijtema that ended on Sunday.

Innumerable of devotees began to gather in the Ijtema area from early morning today to take part in the Akheri Munajat.

Mawlana Mohammad Saad of Delhi conducted the Akheri Munajat which was opened at 11.00 am and continued till 11:30 am.

President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheik Hasina also took part in the AKheri Munajat from Bangabhaban and Ganabhaban respectively.

Thousands of devotees, both from home and abroad, have gathered and took part in the prayers and discussions of Bishwa Ijtema, the second largest congregation of the Muslims after the Hajj.

Bangladesh Railway operated 19 special trains on different routes so that people can go to the Ijtema venue to take part in the Akheri Munajat.

Besides, movement of vehicles, except ambulances and police vans, from Joydebpur intersection of Gazipur on Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway to Airport, and from Mirerbazar of Gazipur Sadar on Dhaka-Sylhet Highway to Tongi and Abdullahpur of Abdullahpur-Ashulia road to bypass road will remain restricted from 3.00am on Sunday during the offering of Akheri Munajat, said the SP.

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