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All classes of people pay tributes to Razzak at Shaheed Minar

22 August 2017, 5:49:00

Although the weather was harsh, many people crowed at the central Shaheed Minar premises to pay tributes to popular actor Razzak, popularly known as Nayak Raj Razzak.

The body of legendary actor was taken to Shaheed Minar at 12:00 noon on Tuesday. Now people of all classes are paying homage to the artist.

Razzak was taken to United Hospital around 5:30 pm on Monday when he was been suffering from a cardiac arrest where doctors announced him dead around 6:13 pm as they found no pulse, said hospital's duty manager Sabbir Ahmed.

Razzak, the founding president of Bangladesh Film Artistes' Association, was born on January 23 in 1942 at Nagtala in Taliganj of Kolkata.

During his adolescence, he took part in theatre productions in Kolkata.

While studying at a college in Kolkata, he made his first film appearance in 'Ratan Lal Bangali'.


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