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An era of Jagannath University

20 September 2017, 11:04:00

Jagannath University (JB) is the second-largest public university of Bangladesh. One epoch was completed on 20th October at Jagannath University. Jagannath University is going ahead with its majesty after leaving behind many problems and calamities since its inception.

In 1868 Brahma School was established as a center of education of Brahma society of East Bengal in Dhaka. In the evolution of the Brahmo school period, after the history of the centenary century “Jagannath University was established in 2005.”

In 2006, Sirajul Islam Khan, Professor of Dhaka University joined as the first Vice-Chancellor of the new university. 
After that, the Vice-Chancellor Professor Mejbah Uddin Ahmed took over. At present, Vice Chancellor is another professor of Dhaka University. Meizanur Rahman.

Most of the universities of Jagannath University are currently occupying various non-residential universities. The university has a lot of crisis including classrooms. There is no minimum facility available in the university.

Despite the various limitations and the crisis, Jagannath University as a public university has been playing an important role in forming a self-expression nation.

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