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Armed Forces need to work together with people: PM

19 December 2017, 9:26:00

Praising the Armed Forces for their involvement in development activities, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday said they need to work together with people to ensure the desired development of the country with the passage of time and technological progress.

"We’ve to build our country, and our armed forces are getting involved in development activities to make that happen," she said. 

The Prime Minister said this while speaking at the graduation ceremony of National Defence College (NDC) and Armed Forces War Course (AFWC) at Sheikh Hasina Complex of Defence Services Command and Staff College at Mirpur Cantonment. 

Sheikh Hasina said the government calls out the army whenever any tough job has to be accomplished. "Navy is working in some places while Air Force is engaged somewhere else," she said. 

The Prime Minister said all are working together to build the country. "As a result, now we can complete many projects so quickly…this is our country, and we have to build it."   

The Prime Minister reaffirmed her commitment to take timely actions to modernise the Armed Forces in the light of force’s goal-2030 to strengthen their capability to face multidimensional challenges of the 21st century.Reported:UNB.

Hasina said her government is closely monitoring the ever-changing war crafts and technologies, and constantly reviewing the capacity of the country’s Armed Forces to this end.

The PM said her government has been working to establish the armed forces of the country as the most professional and well-trained with modern technology maintaining the pace with the world. 

Saying that Bangladesh is proud of its Armed Forces born during the Liberation War, Hasina mentioned that her government ensured their access to the latest technologies and equipment, while adequate training facilities have been set up and made operational. 

The Prime Minister said the Armed Forces members have always worked with integrity, commitment and diligence to help people in times of natural and other disasters.

She highly praised the role of the NDC in strengthening civil-military relations and said it has been working along the complex highway of civil-military relations.

The Prime Minister expressed her strong belief that the new graduates of the National Defence College will take the nation towards self-reliance and sustainable development. 

Hasina said Bangladesh is playing a significant role in promoting international and regional fraternity and unity. 

Referring to sheltering and providing humanitarian assistance by Bangladesh to over one million Rohingya refugees displaced from Myanmar, she said Bangladesh never hesitated to respond humanitarian calls despite its various limitations. “This is why Bangladesh is lauded as a compassionate and respectable member in today’s world.”

This year a total of 53 officials, including 29 Brigadier General of Bangladesh Army, five Commodore of Bangladesh Navy, two Air Commodore and three Group Captain of Bangladesh Air Force, 11 Joint Secretaries of civil service, two DIGs of Bangladesh Police and Director General of the Foreign Ministry took part in the National Defence Course, 2017.  

Besides, 27 foreign officials, including three each from India and Sri Lanka, ten from Nigeria, two from Saudi Arabia and one each from Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Naizer, Oman, Pakistan, Tanzania and USA took part in the course. 

Twenty-five Lieutenant Colonels, one Captain and four Commander of Bangladesh Navy, four Group Captain and one Wing Commander took part In the Armed Forces War Course (AFWC).

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