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Awami league will liberate country’s hunger and poverty: PM

24 June 2019, 12:45:52

The prime minister said that Awami League has taken the country and the nation forward, Awami League will free the country from hunger and poverty.

He said these after paying tribute to Bangabandhu at the Dhanmondi 32 at Sunday (23 June) at 8am.

The Prime Minister said the establishment of Awami League was to prevent oppression. Awami League is taking the country forward socio-socially.

inaugurated Establishment anniversary the program by hoisting national and party flag Sheikh Hasina. Then the balance of peace emblem is flown the the white pigeons as well as balloons.

According to the establishment program, National Party flag was hoisted at the central office of Bangabandhu Avenue, the party office of the whole country, with sunrise.

Meanwhile, senior Awami League leader and some cabinet members were present.

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