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BFUJ, DUJ leaders for annulling of section 57

6 August 2017, 3:55:00

Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) and Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ) jointly arranges a demonstration programme in front of Jatiya Press Club on August 6, 2017 demanding repeal of section 57 of the ICT act.

Referring the section 57 as a “black law”, they said the particular provision is a machinery to oppress journalists and requested the government to remove it.

They came up with the demand of annulling section 57 at a demonstration programme of Jatiya Press Club in Dhaka on Sunday morning.


The journalist leaders and the veteran journalists also demanded immediate implementation of the ninth wage.

Their other demands include end to “torture and harassment” of journalists and restart of the media which wereshut down by the government.


Pro-BNP journalist and acting editor of daily Amar Desh, Mahmudur Rahman and President of Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) Ruhul Amin Gazi, among others were present in the programme.

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