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Fakhrul in press conference

BNP always prepared for national polls

2 May 2017, 5:45:00

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Tuesday said his party is always prepared to take part in the next general election if an election-time supportive government and congenial atmosphere are available.

“BNP has 900 prospective candidates in the 300 constituencies,” Fakhrul told reporters after placing wreaths at the grave of late president Ziaur Rahman in Dhaka’s Sher-e-Bangla Nagar.


Flanked by the party’s leaders and activists, Fakhrul went there to observe the 28th anniversary of Jatiyatabadi Sramik Dal.


Asked whether BNP has began the work for selecting its prospective candidates for the next general election, Fakhrul said, BNP is an election oriented party as it believes in election.


“BNP is always ready to take part in the election if an election time supportive administration and election atmosphere is ensured,” he added.


Fakhrul said the government has scared the space for democracy as it could realize that they have been isolated from people.


“The government is making effort to set up one-party rule in the country. A fair and free election in the country will prove that people are not with Awami League,” he added.

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