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Cabinet approves for cutting 13,156 trees for gas pipeline

9 January 2017, 6:19:07

Staff Correspondent:The Cabinet on Monday approved a proposal for cutting of 13,356 trees of forests under the Forest Department for implementing gas distribution pipeline project from Sreepur to Joydevpur to be implemented by the Titas Gas Transmission & Distribution Company Ltd.

The approval was given at the regular weekly meeting of the cabinet held at Bangladesh Secretariat with prime minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair. After the meeting, cabinet secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam briefed reporters.

Shafiul Alam said there is a government ban on cutting trees of any forest and it would remain valid until 2022 and currently the Cabinet’s approval is a must for cutting any tree from there.

But, considering the greater national interest, the Cabinet gave the approval to cut 13,356 trees, including 4,011 saleable trees, in three kilometers area stretching from Sreepur to Joydevpur, he said.

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