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The Cosmic Window to the Life beyond Earth

Staff Correspondent: Two of the most enthralling questions we often ask ourselves is either whether there is life beyond Earth and are we alone in this massive and ever expanding Read More

World's first tuberculosis-resistant cows discovered

Online Desk: Designer cows have been created that are resistant to tuberculosis – one of the biggest problems facing dairy farmers around the world. Badgers are controversially being culled in Read More

Dogs will always share their treats with their friends

Online Desk:Recent research has found that dogs, like humans, rats, and chimpanzees, demonstrate generosity toward their peers. Now, scientists have taken the experiment a step further, using a complex setup Read More

Want to know what it feels like to have autism?

Online Desk: A hands-on reality tour which gives people a first-hand experience of what it feels like to suffer from autism has been launched in the UK. The unique simulator Read More

Ants can navigate while walking backwards

Online Desk: Ants can walk home backwards using just the sun and their memories as a guide, according to new research. Famed for their work ethic, a study has discovered Read More

Voice tune can be changed by Adobe photoshop  

Online Desk: The concept video begins with a user looking at an image on an iPad. He taps a microphone at the top of the screen that activates a digital Read More

Scientists discover boost for men

Online Desk:A once-a-day tablet taken by sufferers of incontinence may be a new way to treat flagging libido in men. Doctors say the drug Mirabegron could provide an alternative for Read More

Observatory camera captures the rare moment of volcano

Online Desk:Spotting a meteor during the brief moments it shoots through the sky is pretty exciting – but this week, stargazers in Costa Rica were treated to something even better. Read More