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Covid-19 cases reach 20,522 in Rajshahi division, 18,947 cured

18 October 2020, 1:49:15

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With detection of 16 more positive cases afresh in five districts of Rajshahi division on Saturday, one of the ever-lowest reported figures since the pandemic began, the total number of COVID-19 infected patients in the division reached 20,522, said an official report today.

Of the infected patients, 18,947 have, so far, recovered from the lethal disease with 313 fatalities with two afresh reported including 190 in Bogura and 46 in Rajshahi while 26 in its city.

Of the total new positive cases, the highest 10 were detected each in Bogura followed by three in Pabna, two in Rajshahi city and one in Joypurhat, said Dr Gopendra Nath Acharya, Divisional Director of Health.

With the new detected cases, the district-wise break-up of the reported COVID-19 cases now stands at 5,061 in Rajshahi, including 3,721 in the city, 782 in Chapainawabganj, 1,319 in Naogaon, 1,025 in Natore, 1,119 in Joypurhat, 7,823 in Bogura, 2,207 in Sirajganj and 1,186 in Pabna.

Another 2,475 patients were undergoing treatment in designated hospitals in the division till this morning. Besides, 5,397 other suspected patients were undergoing treatment in isolation units and 4,774 have, by now, been released.

Following detection of the new COVID-19 cases, the respective houses of the infected persons in different areas under the division were placed on 14-day lockdown as per the health safety guidelines.

Dr Nath said the whereabouts of the persons, who came in contact with COVID-19 patients, were identified and they were asked to remain in home isolation so that the virus cannot spread further.

On the other hand, a total of 24 more people have been sent to home and institutional quarantine afresh while 40 others were released in all eight districts of the division over the last 24 hours till 8am today.

A total of 60,345 people had, so far, been kept under quarantine since March 10 to prevent community transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Of them, 58,686 have, by now, been released as they were given clearance certificates after completing their respective 14-day quarantine period in the division.

Utmost emphasis has been given to bring all the suspected people under quarantine, isolation and testing as these are being considered as important means of containing the community transmission of the virus, Dr Nath added.

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