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Crocodile attack kills a man in Barguna

25 March 2017, 7:04:07

Barguna Correspondent:A man was killed in an attack by a crocodile at Tengragiri Eco Park in Barguna on Saturday.

The deceased was identified as Asssaduzzaman Rony, 29, son of Golam Mostofa of Sabujnagar village under Shapleza union in Mathbaria, reports our Barisal correspondent quoting a union parishad member.

“Rony along with some of his friends went to the Eco Park. When he came closer to a pond, suddenly an alligator attacked him and took him into the water around 1:00pm,” said Salam Hawlader, a member of Sonakata union in the district.

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“The body was rescued from the pond around 3:28pm by local fishermen,” Md Abul Bashar, contingent commander of Bangladesh Coast Guard, told bd24live.

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