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Dhaka railway staff sacrifices life to save child, woman

27 January 2017, 6:09:58

Staff Correspondent:An old staff of Bangladesh Railway today died while trying to save a woman and a child from being crushed under a speedy train in the capital’s Kuril area.

The deceased was identified as Badal Mia, 58, from Mymensingh and just years before his retirement, was a technical assistant of the engineering department of railway service.

Police said, Badal was busy in maintenance work around 1:30pm when he saw a woman and a child crossing the rail lines at Kuril Biswa Road area oblivious to an approaching train.

Yasin Faruque, officer-in-charge of Dhaka Railway Police Station, said that he pushed the woman and the child off the rail lines but could not save himself.

The train named Surma Express was coming in from Sylhet.

The dead body will be taken to Dhaka Medical College and Hospital for autopsy.

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