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Farhad Mazhar again brought before DB office for interrogation

18 July 2017, 4:39:00

Renowned writer and columnist Farhad Mazhar was asked for coming to Detective Branch office and quizzed for a second time for what police officials said anomaly in his confession given before court.


Farhad Mazhar was taken to the Detective Branch or DB offices from his Dhaka home around 10:30am on Tuesday.


He left the DB offices around 1:15pm.


Abdul Baten, joint commissioner of Detective Branch, said, “Mazhar’s confession before court and what he described to police after being found does not match”.


“We have to interrogate and verify his testimonial,” Baten said at a press briefing in DB office. “What truly occurred that day, what we saw his activities were, and the evidence found do not match.”


Asked to comment on the police's next step, he said they would cross-check his statement.


"If he had provided baseless and false information, then there's scope to prosecute him."


Mazhar went missing from Dhaka on June 3 and later turned up safe over 300 kilometres away in Jessore some 18 hours later.


His wife filed an abduction case in this connection with Adabar Police Station on that day.

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