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Film Associations impose lifetime ban on Shakib Khan

24 June 2017, 5:07:00

Sixteen film associations( Locally called Film Family) have collectively banned  Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan for lifetime following his ‘disparaging comments on film associations and senior actor Faruk’.

From a press conference held at the study room of Bangladesh Film Directors’ Association, the associations announced its decision on Friday afternoon.

The press conference was joined by leaders of all the sixteen associations, along with senior actors like Faruk, Alamgir, Rajina and others.

Besides Shakib Khan, producer and chairman of Jazz Multimedia Abdul Aziz’s membership form Bangladesh Film Producers’ Association has been cancelled on allegation of ‘his association with Indian directors and actors, his negligence of local film industry and his attempts to vanish it’.

Bangladesh Film Directors’ Association president Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar has read the written statement signed by leaders of 16 film associations including Bangladesh Film Directors’ Association, Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association, Cinematographers’ Association, Directors’ Guild, Dance Artistes’ Association and others.

‘Shakib Khan has been continuously hurting his seniors and colleagues in the industry. We cannot sustain him any more’, said Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar.

At a recent press conference on release of India-Bangladesh joint venture films Boss 2 and Nabab, Shakib Khan blamed some senior actors of making division in the film industry for their own interests.

‘It is really painful to see Shakib Khan insulting his seniors and the film associations. I stood beside Shakib when he was banned in April but now he has proved himself to be arrogant and haughty’, said senior actor Alamgir.

Shakib Khan was earlier banned for an indefinite period on April 29 by 14 film associations following Shakib’s ‘disparaging comments on directors and producers’.

The ban, however, was withdrawn a couple of days later after Shakib Khan apologised unconditionally.

The Dhallywood superstar was not available for comments as he is at present in England for shooting of another joint-venture film.

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