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Five more flood protective dikes break in Raninagar

15 August 2017, 7:08:00

Five more flood proactive dikes have broken in Naogaon’s Raninagar upazila due to intermittent rain for three days at a stretch and onrush of water from upper lands. The incidents cause more and more areas drenched.


The broken points of the flood control embankments of the Chhoto Jamuna river stands at Betgari, Ghoshgram and Krishonpur of the upazila.


 Around two lakhs of people in the district have been stranded and marooned by flood water.


Road connection has been snapped. Thousands acres of crop land and ponds have been washed out.



Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Raninagar Sonia Binte Tabib said, “The flood affected areas are under surveillance. Collecting of data of the affected people and families is going on. A medical team has already been sent to the area. Moreover, three metric ton of rice has been distributed in emergency basis for the distressed people.”


Dr. Aminur Rahman, Deputy Commissioner of Naogaon, on Monday visited the affected areas and promised to deliver relief. But no relief is yet to reach to the affected people till filing the story.

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