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Four suspected militants capitulate in Ashulia ‘militant den’ raid

16 July 2017, 4:44:00

Four suspected militants capitulated to members of Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) during an anti-militant raid on a den at Chakalgram-Chourapara in Ashuliaon Sunday.



Rab Director (legal and media wing) Mufti Mahmud Khan said the four militants who are aged between 20 and 22, capitulated to the elite force in the afternoon as they were asked to do so through a loudspeaker, reports UNB.



Mufti said the militants fired gunshots and hurled explosives several times at the law enforcers since they fenced off the one-storey house at about1:00 am.


For security measures, the local residents were shifted to a safer place, while check-posts were established at important points on the surrounding roads.



In the meantime, the elite force held house owner, Ibrahim, added Mufti.

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