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‘Govt. decided to relocate the Rohingya people’

12 February 2017, 7:02:23

Staff Correspondent:Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader today backed the idea of relocating Rohingyas to Thengar char and said “their livelihood will be ensured” in the island.

Quader, also transport minister said, “Our government has decided to relocate the Rohingya people, who entered into Bangladeshi corridor illegally from Myanmar, will be taken to the Thengar char considering overall satiation of the tourist town Cox’s Bazar.”

“Rohingyas will not only be rehabilitated there, their livelihood will be ensured,” he told reporters when he was opening beautification murals on a road in the tourist town.

“Our government’s humanitarian aids to the Rohingya people will be continuing until the Myanmar takes them back,” he further said.

The presence of some lakhs of Rohingyas has created an additional pressure and a crisis. Under these circumstances, rehabilitation of the Rohingyas to another place is needed, he added.

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