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Prime Minister in parliament

Govt taking steps for developing labour market in 50 countries

21 June 2017, 3:11:00

The government has fulfilled a study to explore labour market in 50 countries including Europe, Australia and Brazil along with analyzing labour market trend in Middle Eastern countries.

Based on the study report, proper steps would be taken to recognize the prospective areas and manpower export in foreign countries, the premier Sheikh Hasina told the house on Wednesday.

In a reply to a question from M A Awal (Lakshmipur-1) the prime minister said the government has already fixed qualified and experienced consultant to explore foreign labour market.

Sheikh Hasina said now manpower is exported to 162 countries. Bangladesh embassies abroad are working for expansion of the labour market.

The prime minister said to ensure safety of the female workers the government has already set up safe home in Riyad, Jeddha, Oman, South Korea and Jordan.

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