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Hasan for exemplary punishment to persons responsible for killing of Maulana Shafi

14 April 2021, 11:33:13

Awami League Joint General Secretary and Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud today demanded of exemplary punishment to the persons responsible for killing of Hefazat Islam former Amir Maulana Ahmad Shafi.

“There have been allegations and a case was filed by his family
claiming that Maulana Shafi died of humiliation and torture. The PBI
(Police Bureau of Investigation) has submitted an investigation report
to this end,” he added.

Hasan said it was clear that he (Maulana Shafi) was pushed to death
through torture and news were also published in different media at
that time in this regard, he told newsmen at his official residence in
city’s Mintu Road.

At the beginning, he greeted the countrymen on the occasion of holy
Ramadan and Bangla New Year.

Marking the occasions, he hoped that the country and the world as
well would be freed from COVID-19 pandemic soon.

The minister said everyone witnessed that the room of Maulana
Shafi, the founder of Hathazari Madrasha, was vandalized during his
illness, his ambulance was forcibly stopped for about one hour on the
way to hospital and oxygen tube was opened.

Late Maulana Shafi, he said, hailed from Rangunia upazila and was an
Alem of his neighboring union.

“He was a gentleman though there was a lot of talk about his
ideology. The persons who filed case were also from my constituency. I
want exemplary punishment to those who pushed Maulana Shafi to death
through torture,” said Hasan.

Replying to a query over a comment of BNP secretary general Mirza
Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, the minister said the government declared the
lockdown to protect the countrymen from the infection of COVID-19

“But according their (BNP) speeches it seems that they want
increase of the coronavirus infection and hundreds of people’s death.
Then, they would get scope to do politics,” he added.

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