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HC stays DNCC polls

17 January 2018, 1:40:00

The High Court (HC) on Wednesday stayed for three months the elections to Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC), including the by-election for  the mayoral post. 

A two-member HC bench comprising Justice Naima Haydar and Justice Zafar Ahmed passed the order in the morning.

The court also issued a rule asking the authorities concerned to explain why the schedule to hold the DNCC polls will not be declared illegal.

Earlier, on Tuesday two separate writ petitions were filed with the HC seeking stay on the upcoming by-polls to the mayoral post of DNCC. Reported:UNB.

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Following the petition, the same bench heard the writ and set Wednesday to deliver the verdict.

As per the schedule declared by the Election Commission, the by-polls to the DNCC mayoral post were scheduled to be held on February 26.

The DNCC mayoral post fell vacant with the death of Annisul Huq on November 30 last year.
The EC fixed January 18 as the last date for filing nomination paper while scrutiny will be held on January 21, 22.

The closing date for nomination paper withdrawal is January 29.

Besides, the EC was scheduled to arrange polls to the 36 councilor posts and 12 reserved seats in the 36 new wards – 18 of the DNCC and 18 of the Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) – on the same day.

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