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How To Find The Blue Whale Game

There is no link or download for the game, it's neither an app nor a website. The game was originally "played" as a series of private messages on social networking sites.

The two original Russian curators of the game have been arrested, the Blue Whale game is gone.Dangerous copycats may still remain, teens should not attempt to make contact with these people. Those claiming to have a link to the game may be sharing links to malicious web pages. Since I first wrote about the Blue Whale game in March, I've been asked many times if I can provide a link to the game's website or tell people where they can download the game for their smartphone.

In case you're unaware, Blue Whale is a sinister game which preys on vulnerable teens and encourages them to take part in a series of sick challenges spread out over fifty days. As part of the game the player can be asked to do anything from wake at odd times of day to performing acts of self harm.

These daily challenges are nothing compared to the game's conclusion when the player is convinced to commit suicide, often they are told that there will be consequences if they back out. Despite this, many people have been trying to track down the game, and the list of fifty dares. They're not trying to find it because they're feeling suicidal or intend to obey the rules of the game and complete the tasks, but because they want to learn more about it, as well as troll and expose those behind it.

Those wanting to play might find that it's not quite as simple to track down the game as they might think. Many people expect the game to be available as an APK file which would run on a phone, there are loads of teens searching for things like "wake up at 4:20am game download" in Google. Others seem to think its some kind of flash game that can be played on a website. Some are trying to hunt down a public group on a social media website like Facebook or more commonly, Vkontakte.

But you can't just go to VK.com/blue-whale or grab the app from your favourite app store. There is no "game" as such, players were previously sought out through "death groups" on the social media website, VK.com. VK is a popular social network in Russia and death groups are communities where likeminded Russian teens come together online to discuss suicide, admins of these groups often glamourise suicide in order to increase the number of members of their group.

It's claimed that members of these groups are approached by Blue Whale "curators" and the tasks are handed out to them in direct messages through VK's private messaging tool. These private chats are always initiated by the curator, usually a player isn't able to contact a Blue Whale curator directly themselves.

Of course as the game originated in Russian groups and was run by Russian curators, the conversations between players and curators were carried out in Russian and to date the only list of challenges published online has been in Russian.

So, even if you could find a Blue Whale curator on VK, unless you're fluent in the Russian language you're not going to be able properly converse with the curator and understand the challenges being set. But that doesn't really matter as you're not going to be able to track them down anyway.

Since stories of the game started circulating in the press, two Russian men have been arrested for inciting suicide. So, the curators behind the original game, which some media outlets claims could be responsible for a wave of up to 130 teen suicides, are no longer on the scene.

However, even with those who started this sick trend behind bars, there are fresh claims that the game is spreading around the globe and reports of teens playing across Europe and in the United Kingdom.

Within the past few weeks the game has been blamed for the death of an Argentinian teen who took his own life and, according to India media, Blue Whale is being cited as a possible cause of the death of a teenage boy in Mumbai.

So, if the game's curators are in prison, how are teens still playing it? Well, the problem is, with all these teens out there searching for the game, all they need to do is stumble across one sick and twisted individual who is looking to exploit them and very soon they'll be playing Blue Whale, or at least a copy cat's version of the game.

Almost certainly all recent reports of teens playing Blue Whale are actually examples of people talking to someone who is trying to emulate the original game, more than likely a sick loser sat behind a computer screen in a room on their own.

If you are looking to troll those who are perpetuating the game, is this the kind of person you really want to talk to? And are you really sure what they're capable of? Just talking to someone like this online is dangerous, they could send you a link or email containing a virus which could give the sicko access to your personal data.

This information could then be used to blackmail or manipulate you, a tactic that has most likely been used on players of the game before. My advice is to stay well clear of anyone who's capable of being a part of a disgusting game like this one.

Source: Higgypop

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