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I feel comfortable when I perform

29 May 2017, 3:23:00

Mousumi Hamid, one of the popular actresses nowadays, had become runners up in Channel-i super star in 2010 and after that she began her media carrier performing in many dramas and films. Nowadays she has become popular actress in film industry in our country. With her own skills and talent she moves forward in silver screen.

In 2013, she performed in a film. She has gained popularity in film industry.

Besides performances, she is at present anchoring in different reality shows.


Bd24live: What are you busy with at present?

Mousumi Hamid: I am busy with anchoring in a reality show of Gazi tv. The shooting of the reality show is going on at FDC floor-3.

Bd24live.com: Besides performing in different dramas and films, you are anchoring in different reality shows nowadays. Where do you feel comfortable? Performance or anchoring?

Mousumi Hamid: I am an artist and I feel comfortable doing performance as an actress or artist.

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