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Imran Khan has 5 illegal children, claims ex-wife Reham

Pakistani politician Imran Khan, also a former cricketer, has five illegitimate children and some of them are Indians, claimed his former wife Reham Khan in her confession autobiography.

Reham Khan, a television anchor, had married Imran Khan in January 2015. They divorced nearly 10 months later.

The book was released in the UK and on Amazon on Thursday which already created a controversy after extracts from its manuscript that talked of Imran Khan's alleged affairs, including homosexual flings, reports NDTV.

The book, titled “Reham Khan”, details their troubled 10-month marriage and Imran Khan's involvement in politics at the time. But it also includes alleged details of personal issues that had drawn several defamation suits.

In one chapter, Reham Khan details a conversation with her husband during which, she claims, he admitted to having five children with married women. 

The book states:

Reham Khan: What? You have five illegitimate children! How do you know?

Imran Khan: Well, the mothers told me

Reham Khan: All White's?

Imran Khan: No, some are Indians. The eldest is 34 now.

The women, he allegedly said, never made the matter public to save their marriages.

Imran’s life, she claimed, was all “sex, drugs, rock'n'roll”.

Reham told the television channel, “My motivation to improve awareness and suggest where we go wrong as human beings. When they go to vote, it will be helpful.” ‍Source: unb.


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