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JU students take down protest programme

4 August 2017, 4:09:00

Jahangirnagar University students have taken down their sit-in protest after the authorities confirmed them that it would take legal action to pick up the case against its 56 students on charge of vandalism and attempt to murder.

The protesters took the decision early Friday after a nine-hour-long discussion with the administration along with JU vice-chancellor Farzana Islam in the chair at the senate building.

The meeting began around 5:00pm on Thursday and ended around 2:00am on Friday.

Nazmul Hossain, secretary of JU Sangskritik Jote confirmed the news of withdrawal of their protest programme.

‘We called off our programme as the authorities confirmed us that they would begin process to withdraw the case as per the decision,’ he said.

Earlier on Thursday, students relaxed their programme as the vice-chancellor urged the protesters to let the university authorities enter into the administration building for holding a meeting over the upcoming admission test.

She also assured them to arrange another meeting for resolving their protest programme after their first meeting.

Students already have begun their sit-in protest on Monday morning under the banner of ‘Pratibader Nam Jahangirnagar’.


On Wednesday, a section of teachers under the banner of ‘Santrash o Nipironer Biruddhe Sikkhakhbrinda’ extended their support to the protesters and announced that they would attend the protest instantly at a press conference held at teachers’ lounge of the arts and humanities faculty. 


In the meantime, the teachers’ association of the university held several meetings with the protesters and the authorities in an attempt to put an end to the situation but it failed to reach any solution.


Earlier on July 17, four agitating students ended their hunger strike as the university authorities assured them of withdrawal of the case filed by registrar Abu Bakar Siddique.

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