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Khadiza comes back home after four months

1 February 2017, 8:43:53

Staff Correspondent:Khadiza Akter Nargis, a college student who was hacked by BCL(Bangladesh Chhatra League) leader, Badrul Alam, on Wednesday returned home in Sylhet from Dhaka after more than four months.

Khadiza along with her elder brother Shahin Ahmad reached at Sylhet airport around 2:15pm. Her father Mashuk Miah received them at the airport, then went their home at village Hausa in Sylhet around 3:30pm. Shahin told the reporters that Khadiza was brought in Sylhet for a week to spend time with her family.

‘Then, she will return to the Centre for Rehabilitation of Paralyses at Savar, where she is under-treatment,’ he said. ‘Khadiza is feeling better after reaching home’, he added. Badrul Alam, former senior assistant general secretary Bangladesh Chhatra League of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology unit hacked Khadiza on October 3, as she refused his proposal of love affair near MC College of Sylhet, raising a social outcry across the country.

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