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Maintain chain of command, PM to PGR members  

5 July 2018, 10:20:00

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday asked members of the President Guard Regiment-PGR to discharge their responsibilities remaining loyal to the leadership and maintaining the chain of command.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing a function of the PGR marking its 43rd founding anniversary arranged at PGR headquarters in Dhaka Cantonment.

"Since it is a disciplined force, they’ll have to maintain the chain-of-command and discipline always," she said adding the higher officials will have to take care about facilities of subordinates, while subordinates will have to maintain discipline by complying with the orders of top officials.

Sheikh Hasina said praised the role of PGR members as the members of this disciplined force perform their duty facing various challenges, adverse atmosphere and tough situation.

She said her government has always made efforts so that Army, Navy and Air Force as well as other forces entrusted with the duty of protection of the country's sovereignty could be developed as time-befitting ones with modern equipment.

Focusing on the massive progress achieved by her government on various sectors, Hasina said Bangladesh is now marching towards prosperity.

Referring to launching of Bangabandhu Sattelite-1 into the orbit, the Prime Minister said Bangladesh is 57th country of the world that has won the space and took its national flag there.

The satellite of the country will be utilised by the Navy, Coast Guard and other organisations to meet their purpose, she said.

The Prime Minister greeted PGR members and their families on the occasion of the 43rd founding anniversary of the force.

PGR commandant Brigadier General Mohammad Jahangir Harun delivered the welcome address at the function.

When the Prime Minister arrived at the PGR headquarters, Army chief General Aziz Ahmed and PGR commandant Brigadier General Mohammad Jahangir Harun received her. unb.


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