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Meeting of security council again in next week

30 September 2017, 1:14:28

After the ineffectual discussions about the Rohingya crisis, The United Nations Security Council is meeting next week again. Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Anan will address the meeting.Kofi Anan was the head of the International Commission on the Rohingya crisis, which was formed by Myanmar government. It is known as the Anan Commission. But it's official name was The Rakhaine Inspectorate Commission.

International Press TV CNN reported that members of the Security Council will hear Kofi Anan's speech next week. He recommended 88 recommendations to solve the Rohingya crisis. The international community believes that if these recommendations are implemented, the permanent solution to the Rohingya crisis is possible.

Swedish Ambassador to the United States Olf Skug said that Kofi Anan's report has been given the way forward. Myanmar government's responsibility is to make a permanent solution to the Rohingya crisis. There are 10 countries currently in the Security Council who are temporary member. The Security Council held a three-round meeting last month about the Rohingya crisis.

The meeting between August 30 and September 13 was closed-door. On the other hand, the open meeting was organized on Thursday. The United Nations Secretary-General, Anantanie Guterres, was called to attend the meeting.

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