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Messi gets married childhood sweetheart in Argentina

1 July 2017, 4:15:00

Popular footballer in the world Lionel Messi got married to his childhood bosom friend Antonella Roccuzzo in a private and bosom ceremony in their Argentinian hometown of Rosario. The ceremony which was held at a plush hotel was took part by 260 guests under the close eye of a 450-member security team.

Messi got married to his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo in his Argentinian hometown of Rozario, Argentina. The marriage, dubbed as “wedding of the century” was attended by 260 guests including some of the best footballers in the world. However, none of the FC Barcelona directors, the club he has represented since moving to Spain at 13, and the managerial staff were present for the ceremony. The ceremony though was kept an intimate affair with the couple getting hitched in their hometown of Rosario with the ceremony presided to by Messi’s friends and colleagues from his time at Grandoli and Newell followed by teammates from Barcelona and Argentinian national team.

The ceremony performed under a strong 450-member security presence to keep out lurkers and curious onlookers in a small town largely known for its agricultural work. Besides football players – current and former alike – the wedding was attended by Alejandro Echevarria, former Barcelona director and a key factor in bringing Messi to Spain, and player liaison Pepe Costa.

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