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Excise duty on Budget

Muhith urged to resign in parliament

20 June 2017, 4:16:00

Jatiya Party lawmaker Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu on Tuesday requested the finance minister, Abul Maal Abdul Muhith, to resign from his post terming his proposed budget on fiscal 2017-18 as ‘budget of unlimited tax’.

The JP lawmaker from Chittagong-9 constituency came up with the call at a general discussion on the proposed budget in the parliament.

‘You have placed many budgets and you are getting old. Now have a farewell and relieve the nation,’ he said to Muhith during the discussion.

‘Step down with honour.’

‘You (Muhith) placed the budget of an unlimited tax, not a budget of highway of development,’ he went on his discussion.

‘Moreover, you are disbursing bailout funds to the banks being plundered,’ the lawmaker said.

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