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Myanmar must take back Rohingyas: Gowher Rizvi

14 November 2017, 10:40:00

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s  International Affairs adviser Gowher Rizvi has said Myanmar must take back all Rohingyas who have taken shelter in Bangladesh facing persecution by the Myanmarese Army.

He said there was no other way but for Myanmar taking back the Rohingyas.UNB

The adviser came up with this remark in a coordination meeting with district administration over Rohingya issue at the conference room of the Deputy Commissioner of Cox’s Bazar on Monday.

Gowher Rizvi said he has seen lots of refugee camps all over the world, and that it is a big challenge to arrange shelter and food for six lakh people in such a short time.

He advised law enforcement agencies to follow the zero tolerance policy about maintaining law and order  in those Rohingya camps.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ali Hossain, Civil Surgeon Dr Abdus Salam, Additional SP Afrazul Haque Tutul, and foreign and local NGO workers, among others, were present at the meeting.

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